Akedo 14286 Ultimate Arcade Warriors Giants Mini Battling Action Figures

Akedo 14286 Ultimate Arcade Warriors Giants Mini Battling Action Figures

Ready, Fight, Split Strike-Alphawolf

The ultimate arcade battle continues in the world of Akedo and the Ultimate Arcade Warriors! With all-new Mini Battling Action Figures to fight with and collect. Things have levelled-up in Series 2 and the REAL battling action is now more intense! All the extreme moves of arcade fighting games have leapt off the screen and into your hands. Choose your Warrior, battle with fury, and finish them with a Split Strike! – GAME OVER! Take on and challenge your friends as you battle to become the Ultimate Arcade Warrior.

Ready: Select your Warrior and place them onto your Battle Controller.

Fight your opponent with speed and fury, then watch them fall as you finish them with a “SPLIT STRIKE”! In Series 2, there are 23 new awesome Mini Battling Action Figure toys for boys to collect and fight with. These new contenders have different fighting styles plus different weapons. Search for Classic, Epic, Ultra Rare, and Legendary Warriors and get hold of the Exclusive “Glow-in-the-Dark” Encode! Keep collecting to build the ultimate team of Akedo Warriors. The battle’s just got bigger!

Prepare for all new supersized battle action with Akedo Battle Giants.

These Arcade Warriors have double the defense with double strike armor! Hit them once to remove their armor, then hit them again with a Split-Strike! There are also 2 new fighting styles – four-armed fury action and super slugger action – to level up your skill and strategy. Collect all 4 new Battle Giants!

Level Up with 4 new Giant size warriors to collect and 2 new fighting styles:
  • Double strike armor for double the defense
  • Split Strike your opponent with Alphawolf’s super slugger fighting style

Ready – Choose your Giant Warrior and place it on the battle controller

Fight – Battle with fury to become the Ultimate Akedo Warrior

Split Strike – Defeat your opponent with a damaging Split Strike


The Akedo 14286 Ultimate Arcade Warriors Giants Mini Battling Action Figures bring the excitement of arcade fighting games to life. With a wide range of Mini Battling Action Figures and Battle Giants to collect, boys can engage in intense battles and showcase their skills. The Split Strike move adds an extra level of strategy and excitement to the gameplay. Collect all the warriors and build your ultimate team of Akedo Warriors. Get ready to become the Ultimate Arcade Warrior!