Blunt Scooters Prodigy S9 Complete Scooter

Blunt Scooters Prodigy S9 Complete Scooter

Blunt Scooters Prodigy S9 Complete Scooter

“The Prodigy complete scooters are undisputedly the #1 selling freestyle scooters worldwide. The 2022 Series 9 release has once again stepped up the game with fresh, new components, combined with high-quality parts. The Prodigy has marked its reputation as being the perfect scooter for the intermediate to advanced rider, more than ready to progress their riding to the next level. Straight out of the box, the Series 9 boasts pro-level scooter components, wrapped in 6 fresh, updated, and unique new colorways. Lucky for you the classics – Oil Slick and Swirl – are kept from the Series 8 range due to popular demand. NEW to the S9 range are: Black/Oil Slick, Galaxy, Hex, and Toxic. Check out the complete range today to find the right pro scooter for you.

About this item

  • FRESH NEW 2022 UPGRADES – 6 new colorways include Oil Slick, Black/Oil Slick, Swirl, Hex, Galaxy & Toxic.
  • NEW 6 Series Aluminium Forged Diamond IHC fork- Compatible up to 125 x 30mm wheels.
  • PRO SCOOTER RIDER DIMENSIONS – Total Height: 880mm/34.6″, Total Length: 690mm/27.2″, and Foot Space: 345mm/13.5″.
  • BLUNT CLASSIC PRODIGY Clamp with 6mm bolts (Oversized), high-quality BLUNT grip tape, and durable bolt-on Nylon Brake System with Nylon front plate and rear inserts.
  • HIGH DENSITY Aluminium Reaper Style bars – Height: 620mm/24.4″ high x 560mm/22″ wide (including Bar Ends) and comes with 160mm long TPR hand grips with nylon ends.

Product Description

The Prodigy S9 Complete Scooter is the ultimate choice for freestyle scooter enthusiasts. With its fresh new 2022 upgrades, this scooter offers a combination of style and performance. The 6 new colorways, including Oil Slick, Black/Oil Slick, Swirl, Hex, Galaxy, and Toxic, ensure that you can find the perfect scooter to suit your personal taste.

The Prodigy S9 features a 6061-T6 Aluminium deck with a base cut out, designed to reduce weight without compromising performance. The deck is topped off with high-quality grip tape and durable components, including a nylon front plate, rear inserts, and nylon brake system.

One of the standout features of the Prodigy S9 is its high-density Aluminium Reaper Style bars. These bars provide excellent control and stability, measuring 620mm/24.4″ high and 560mm/22″ wide (including Bar Ends). The scooter also comes with 160mm long TPR hand grips with nylon ends for added comfort.

The Prodigy S9 is equipped with 120mm x 24mm GAP core wheels, featuring the best 86a grade Polyurethane and ABEC 9 bearings. The Alu Diamond IHC Forks are compatible with up to 125mm x 30mm wheels, allowing for customization and versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the weight limit for the Prodigy S9 Complete Scooter?
  2. The weight limit for the Prodigy S9 Complete Scooter is 220 lbs (100 kg).

  3. Can the Prodigy S9 be used by beginners?
  4. The Prodigy S9 is designed for intermediate to advanced riders. It may not be suitable for beginners who are just starting out.

  5. Are replacement parts available for the Prodigy S9?
  6. Yes, replacement parts for the Prodigy S9 are available. You can contact the manufacturer or check with authorized retailers for more information.


The Blunt Scooters Prodigy S9 Complete Scooter is the top choice for freestyle scooter riders worldwide. With its fresh new upgrades and high-quality components, this scooter offers unbeatable performance and style. Whether you’re an intermediate rider looking to progress your skills or an advanced rider seeking the best scooter on the market, the Prodigy S9 is the perfect choice. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ride the #1 selling freestyle scooter – get your Prodigy S9 today!