DORWEST HERBS Tree Barks Powder for Dogs and Cats

DORWEST HERBS Tree Barks Powder for Dogs and Cats

DORWEST HERBS Tree Barks Powder for Dogs and Cats


DORWEST HERBS Tree Barks Powder is a natural blend of herbs specially formulated to provide effective digestive support for dogs and cats. This innovative product helps soothe upset tummies, ease discomfort, and promote healthy digestion. With its gentle formula suitable for all ages, it is a trusted choice for pet owners and veterinary professionals worldwide.

Main Benefits

  • Soothes upset tummies
  • Eases discomfort
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Helps maintain normal stools
  • Supports long-term tummy troubles
  • Relieves short-term upsets

How It Works

DORWEST HERBS Tree Barks Powder contains a natural blend of slippery elm bark, white poplar bark, and marshmallow root. These ingredients work together to slow the passage of food through the digestive tract, allowing for better absorption of nutrients. This helps soothe the digestive system, reduce excessive wind, and alleviate symptoms such as gurgling tummies, nausea, and lack of appetite.

Suitable for All Ages

Whether you have a weaning puppy or a senior cat, DORWEST HERBS Tree Barks Powder is suitable for pets of all ages. It can be used as a long-term supplement to maintain healthy digestion or as a short-term solution for temporary upsets caused by dietary changes or eating something they shouldn’t have.


With over 70 years of experience in herbal pet care, DORWEST HERBS is a trusted name in the industry. Our constant focus on quality ensures that our herbal supplements and tablets are of the highest standard. We are committed to providing natural and effective solutions for pets’ health care needs, and our Tree Barks Powder is no exception.

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