Dalton Board/Galton Board Physics Teaching Instrument

Dalton Board/Galton Board Physics Teaching Instrument

Dalton Board/Galton Board Physics Teaching Instrument


This instrument is a teaching instrument designed to study the statistical regularity of the velocity distribution of gas molecules according to the model designed by British biologist Dalton to study random phenomena.


Invert the instrument, pour all the balls into the V-groove, insert the insert, then flip the V-groove in the upper part of the instrument, pull the ball into the ball, collide with the nail array and randomly spread, the distance between the nails The left and right sides are equal, and each horizontal position of the upper layer is just in the middle of the next layer. When the ball hits the nail during the falling process, it falls to the left or to the stone with a probability of 1/2, so I also touched the next layer of nails, and so on, until I fell into the slot of the bottom plate, dropping a lot of balls of the same size from the entrance. As long as the number of balls is quite large, it will pile up on the bottom plate. A density function graph that approximates a normal state (ie, an intermediate height, low at both ends, and a left-right symmetrical ancient bell shape), where n is the number of layers of the nail.


The instrument consists of plexiglass, should be handled with care, do not collide, and store in a cool dry place after use.


  • Teaching instrument used to study the model of random phenomena
  • Explains the statistical regularity of the distribution of gas molecule motion rates
  • Incredible physical laboratory equipment aid tool
  • Can be used as a decoration in your lab
  • Makes physical experiment learning more efficient
  • Composed of a plexiglass plate, an array of nails, a V-shaped groove, a plug-in plate, a slot, and more
  • Good for school teaching tool, learning display, and collectibles
  • Great addition to your lab supplies