ILIFE W90 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner – Smart Cordless Floor Cleaner

ILIFE W90 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner – Smart Cordless Floor Cleaner

ILIFE W90 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner – Smart Cordless Floor Cleaner

Are you tired of spending hours cleaning your floors? Look no further than the ILIFE W90 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner. This innovative product is designed to make your cleaning routine easier and more efficient. With its smart cordless design, you can easily maneuver around your home without the hassle of cords getting in the way. Whether you have hardwood, tile, or laminate floors, the ILIFE W90 is perfect for multi-surface hardfloor cleaning. It is also great for picking up pet hair, making it a must-have for pet owners.

Key Features:

Lightweight and Portable

The ILIFE W90 is lightweight and easy to carry, allowing you to clean every corner of your home without straining your muscles. Its compact size also makes it easy to store when not in use.

Self-Cleaning Function

One of the standout features of the ILIFE W90 is its self-cleaning function. With just the press of a button, the machine will clean the roller brush automatically. This saves you time and effort, as you no longer have to manually clean the brush after each use.

Dual Water Tank Separation Design

The ILIFE W90 features a dual water tank separation design, allowing you to easily switch between wet and dry cleaning modes. This versatility makes it suitable for a variety of cleaning tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can the ILIFE W90 be used on carpets?

No, the ILIFE W90 is designed for hardfloor surfaces only. It is not suitable for use on carpets.

2. How long does the battery last?

The ILIFE W90 has a long-lasting battery that can provide up to 120 minutes of cleaning time on a single charge.

3. Is the ILIFE W90 easy to maintain?

Yes, the ILIFE W90 is easy to maintain. The self-cleaning function ensures that the roller brush stays clean, and the dustbin is easy to empty.


The ILIFE W90 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a game-changer when it comes to floor cleaning. Its smart cordless design, lightweight construction, and self-cleaning function make it a convenient and efficient cleaning solution. Whether you have pets or just want to keep your floors spotless, the ILIFE W90 is the perfect choice. Say goodbye to tedious cleaning and hello to a cleaner home with the ILIFE W90.