JOEJOYJOEJOY Extra Large Dog Sofa Bed – Description

JOEJOYJOEJOY Extra Large Dog Sofa Bed – Description

JOEJOYJOEJOY Extra Large Dog Sofa Bed

Comfortable Surface

The JOEJOYJOEJOY Extra Large Dog Sofa Bed features a high-density lamb fleece surface that provides ultimate comfort for your furry friend. The soft and self-heating material is perfect for the winter season, keeping your dog warm and cozy. The lamb fleece is also resistant to water, ensuring that no odors remain. It is designed to be closer to the dog’s skin, providing a sense of security and helping them quickly relieve anxiety and fall asleep.

Thick Padding

Inside the XL dog bed, you’ll find thick padding filled with fiber cotton. With a density of 480gsm, this padding provides excellent support for your pet’s head, neck, and waist. The bottom thickness is greater than 12CM, and the edge thickness is greater than 20CM, ensuring that the cotton does not shift or collapse. The low front edge allows for easy access for dogs and provides support for a more comfortable sleeping position.

Keep it Clean

The surface of the JOEJOYJOEJOY Extra Large Dog Sofa Bed is made of waterproof artificial fur. This material is not only easy to clean but also resistant to dust. Simply wash it with water to restore its brand new look. For a deeper clean, you can use a cold water machine wash with gentle circulation. However, to maintain the quality of your dog’s sleep, please dry the bed at a low temperature and avoid air drying, as it may reduce the comfort of the fluff.

Upgrade Bottom

The bottom of the extra large dog bed is designed with 20,000 rubber particles to prevent sliding. This ensures that your dog can play and roll on the bed without any worries. The bottom is also made of thickened twill, making it wear-resistant, tear-resistant, and anti-fouling. This makes the bed suitable for outdoor or garden use. Additionally, you can easily fix the dog sofa to the car or dog crate for added convenience.

Precautions Before Use

Before using the XXL dog bed, please note that it may be compressed during transportation. To restore its fluffy status, gently pat and shake the bed after opening the vacuum packaging. Pull the padding in the opposite direction and wait for 1 day. This will allow the bed to regain its fluffy shape. After each wash, use the same method to restore the fluffiness of the bed.