KUST Sunshade for 2011-2019 Ford Explorer SUV Windshield Sun Shade

KUST Sunshade for 2011-2019 Ford Explorer SUV Windshield Sun Shade

KUST Sunshade for 2011-2019 Ford Explorer SUV Windshield Sun Shade


KUST Windshield Sunshade is designed to give your 2011-2019 Ford Explorer SUV the ultimate protection. Made with premium quality fabric, this sunshade blocks harmful UV rays and heat, keeping your car cool and comfortable. It is custom fit for your vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit without any gaps. With its foldable design, it is easy to install and store, making it a convenient accessory for any car owner.

Main Features

  • 2020 Updated Double-layer 210T Reflective Fabric
  • Premium quality fabric that does not easily wrinkle under strong sun
  • Protects dashboard, seat cover, GPS devices, and other devices
  • Foldable design for easy storage in a bag
  • Easy to install and put away in seconds
  • Provides a comfortable rest environment
  • Energy saving and money saving

Folding and Storage Instructions

  1. Fold the product in half, ensuring that the frames stay even
  2. Grab the top leaf and bottom right corners and twist in opposite directions
  3. Push your hands together to automatically fold it back up
  4. Wrap it with the elastic band and store it in the storage bag

Vehicle Specific

KUST Windshield Sunshade is custom fit for 2011-2019 Ford Explorer SUV. It fully covers your windshield without any gaps, providing 100% perfect fit. The sunshade is made of double thickness material, including black heat insulation layers and silver reflective layers. This design offers better protection against the sun, blocking up to 99% of damaging UV rays and heat build-up.

Air Condition Works Faster & Easier

Using the KUST Windshield Sunshade helps your air conditioning system work faster and easier. Instead of waiting 15 minutes for your AC to cool off your car, the sunshade cools your car faster, saving energy and gas. This not only saves you money but also makes your drive much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Great Protection

With the KUST Windshield Sunshade, you can protect your car’s interior from harmful UV rays and heat that can fade your dashboard and seats. Whether you are traveling by car or need a nap, this custom fit sunshade can block 99% of sun shine and UV rays, giving you and your family more protection.

Easy to Install and Store

The KUST Windshield Sunshade can be installed and folded in seconds without the need for any suction cups or adhesives. Its elastic memory steel wire ensures that it never deforms and is easy to unfold and store. This makes it a hassle-free accessory that you can rely on.