Living Dead Dolls 94460 Annabelle Doll

Living Dead Dolls 94460 Annabelle Doll

Living Dead Dolls 94460 Annabelle Doll

Product Description

Horror fans first met Annabelle in the sleeper hit The Conjuring. Although she was just a supporting character, she gripped the imaginations of viewers and dug her cold plastic hands into their hearts. Now she finds herself starring in her own movie and as the newest member of the Living Dead Dolls family! The Living Dead Dolls Presents: Annabelle figure stands ten inches tall and features five points of articulation. She wears film accurate clothing and has the same hairstyle as seen in the film. Annabelle, the sinister conduit to the damned, comes complete in a collector-friendly window box that may help keep the malevolent entity the cultists conjured contained…then again, it may not.

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About this item

  • Brand new
  • Highly Collectable
  • Fan Favourite
  • Great Likeness
  • Great Gift For Any Fan!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this doll suitable for children?

No, this doll is not suitable for children due to its horror theme and potential for frightening imagery.

2. How tall is the Annabelle doll?

The Annabelle doll stands at ten inches tall.

3. Does the doll come with any accessories?

No, the doll comes as a standalone figure without any additional accessories.

4. Is the doll poseable?

Yes, the Annabelle doll features five points of articulation, allowing for some posing options.

5. Can the doll be removed from the collector-friendly window box?

Yes, the doll can be removed from the window box for display or play purposes.

Discover the terrifying Living Dead Dolls 94460 Annabelle Doll. This highly collectible and fan-favorite doll is a great gift for any horror fan. Learn more about Annabelle and her chilling features.