NICEMOVIC Scalp Massager – Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief

NICEMOVIC Scalp Massager – Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief

NICEMOVIC Scalp Massager


  • Increase blood circulation, provides deep relaxation and helps reduce stress.
  • Softly massage acupressure points and stimulates sensitive nerves in the scalp.
  • Custom fit fingers that bend to fit your head.
  • Smooth tips that glide across the surface of your scalp.
  • Nice, natural way to get relief from a lot of varying annoyances.

Package Contents

  • 1 x 20 Prong Scalp Massagers (and the bonus)

NICEMOVIC Scalp Massager Advantages

We are so excited to bring you the newest head scalp massager. With a natural wood handle, 20 prongs, and gentle silky rubber beads, this massager is designed to provide you with more fun and relaxation.

Easy Function

Simply hold the handle, place it on your head, and move it up and down softly or in a circular motion over your scalp. The flexible arms of the massager can accommodate different head sizes, ensuring a comfortable experience for everyone.

Deep Relaxation & Hair Stimulation

The soft rubber beads on each spindle glide over your scalp, producing a euphoric feeling every time you use it. This scalp massager is a great gift for people who have anxiety and sleep problems. Additionally, scratching your scalp can help stimulate hair growth and relieve headaches.


Everyone loves a scalp massager, and so do we. We strive to offer the highest quality massagers for the best relaxing experience.

Great Gift Set & Satisfaction Guarantee

The NICEMOVIC Scalp Massager comes in an exquisite box, making it a perfect gift for your family or friends. It is small and light enough to take with you anywhere. If you’re not completely satisfied for ANY reason, contact us for a full refund.