Powell Peralta Mini Cruiser Complete Skateboards

Powell Peralta Mini Cruiser Complete Skateboards

Powell Peralta Mini Cruiser Complete Skateboards


Experience the thrill of skateboarding with the Powell Peralta Mini Cruiser Complete Skateboards. These complete skateboard assemblies are ready to roll straight out of the box, making them perfect for skaters of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an accomplished skater, you’ll love the quality components and performance of these mini cruisers.

Main Features

Scaled Down Versions of Classic Decks

The Powell Peralta Mini’s are scaled down versions of the classic Powell Peralta decks. With a deck measuring 8.0″ x 26″, these mini cruisers offer a compact and maneuverable ride without compromising on stability.

Quality Components

Each complete skateboard is built with Mini Logo trucks and 59mm 80A Powell Peralta SHR wheels. These components are carefully selected to provide optimal performance and durability, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable skateboarding experience.

Maximum Stiffness and Strength

Powell-Peralta skateboards are made from strong, light, hard yellow birch. The decks are fused together with water-resistant glue in proprietary Powell-Peralta AirLam presses. This manufacturing process guarantees maximum stiffness, strength, pop, and durability, allowing you to skate with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these skateboards suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Powell Peralta Mini Cruiser Complete Skateboards are suitable for skaters of all levels, including beginners. The scaled-down size and quality components make them easy to control and maneuver, providing a great platform for learning and improving skateboarding skills.

2. Can I customize the components of the skateboard?

While the complete skateboard assembly comes pre-assembled with Mini Logo trucks and Powell Peralta SHR wheels, you can always customize the components according to your preferences. Feel free to swap out the trucks, wheels, or any other parts to create a personalized setup.

3. Are these skateboards durable?

Absolutely! Powell-Peralta skateboards are known for their durability. The decks are made from strong yellow birch and are fused together using water-resistant glue. This construction method ensures maximum strength and durability, allowing the skateboard to withstand the rigors of skateboarding.

Get ready to hit the streets with the Powell Peralta Mini Cruiser Complete Skateboards. With their scaled-down size, quality components, and maximum durability, these mini cruisers are designed to provide an exceptional skateboarding experience for riders of all levels. Order yours today and start shredding!