Projection Alarm Clock – Wake Up with Style and Convenience

Projection Alarm Clock – Wake Up with Style and Convenience

Projection Alarm Clock – Wake Up with Style and Convenience


Are you tired of struggling to wake up in the morning? Do you often sleep through your alarm, causing you to be late for work or appointments? Look no further! The Projection Alarm Clock is here to revolutionize your mornings and ensure you never oversleep again.

Experience the Power of Vibrating Alarm

Designed specifically for heavy sleepers and the hearing impaired, this alarm clock features a powerful bed shaker that vibrates under your pillow or mattress. Say goodbye to relying solely on sound to wake you up. With the vibrating alarm, you’ll feel a gentle but effective shake that will rouse even the deepest sleepers.

Clear and Visible LED Digital Mirror Display

The 7.6” LED digital mirror display provides a clear and easy-to-read time display. The mirror surface adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom while also serving as a functional mirror. No more squinting or struggling to read the time from across the room. The LED display ensures that you can always see the time at a glance.

Dual Alarm for Versatility

With the dual alarm feature, you can set two separate alarms to accommodate different wake-up times. Whether you have different schedules on weekdays and weekends or need a backup alarm, this clock has you covered. Wake up on time and start your day right.

Adjustable Volume and Dimmer Settings

We understand that everyone has different preferences when it comes to alarm volume and display brightness. That’s why this alarm clock offers 16-level volume control and 5 dimmer settings. Customize the alarm volume and display brightness to suit your needs and ensure a comfortable wake-up experience.


The Projection Alarm Clock is the ultimate solution for heavy sleepers and the hearing impaired. Its vibrating alarm, LED digital mirror display, dual alarm feature, and adjustable settings make waking up a breeze. Say goodbye to oversleeping and start your day with style and convenience. Get your Projection Alarm Clock today and experience the difference it can make in your mornings!