ROCCAT Kone Pro White Mouse Pc

ROCCAT Kone Pro White Mouse Pc

ROCCAT Kone Pro White Mouse Pc

Product Description

Perfected through 14 years of craftsmanship, the ROCCAT Kone Pro White Mouse Pc is the most lightweight and advanced gaming mouse ever made. Weighing just 66g, it offers superior comfort for any hand size or grip style. With its ergonomic shape and innovative features, this mouse is designed to enhance your gaming performance.

Key Features

An Iconic Shape

The Kone Pro’s ergonomic shape has been refined to perfection over hours of anthropometric research. It provides superior comfort and allows for a natural grip, ensuring long gaming sessions without discomfort.

Roccat Bionic Shell

The solid, lightweight honeycomb shell with a translucent fade on the main clicks not only looks stunning but also showcases the vivid AIMO RGB lighting. With 16.8 million colors to choose from, you can customize the mouse to match your gaming setup.

Titan Switch Optical

The Titan Switch Optical is faster than any mechanical switch. It provides a long-lasting 100 million click life cycle and speed of light actuation for unprecedented speed and precision during gameplay.

Roccat Owl Eye Optical Sensor

Experience smooth and precise tracking thanks to the world-leading Owl Eye 19K DPI optical sensor. This sensor ensures accurate cursor movements, allowing you to hit your targets with ease.

PhantomFlex Cable

Enjoy a near wireless experience with the PhantomFlex cable. It is flexible and lightweight, virtually disappearing during use. You won’t even know it’s there, giving you the freedom to move without any cable drag.

Heat Treated Pure PTFE Glides

The Kone Pro’s heat-treated pure PTFE glides are a game changer. They are pre-tuned to provide incredible glide and smooth mouse movements right out of the box. Say goodbye to friction and hello to seamless gameplay.

Titan Wheel Pro

The Titan Wheel Pro is milled from solid aluminum, showcasing ROCCAT’s precision engineering. It is lightweight yet strong, providing a satisfying scroll and tactile click for an enhanced gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the ROCCAT Kone Pro White Mouse Pc compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, the ROCCAT Kone Pro White Mouse Pc is compatible with Windows 10.

2. Can I customize the RGB lighting on the mouse?

Yes, you can customize the RGB lighting on the mouse using the ROCCAT Swarm software. Choose from 16.8 million colors and various lighting effects to create your unique gaming setup.

3. How long is the cable?

The PhantomFlex cable is designed to provide a near wireless experience. It is long enough to allow for comfortable movement during gameplay but not too long to cause cable drag.

4. What is the lifespan of the Titan Switch Optical?

The Titan Switch Optical has a long-lasting 100 million click life cycle. You can rely on it for countless hours of gaming without worrying about switch failure.

5. Does the mouse come with additional accessories?

The set contains the ROCCAT Kone Pro White Mouse Pc. No additional accessories are included, but the mouse itself is packed with features to enhance your gaming experience.

Thank you for choosing the ROCCAT Kone Pro White Mouse Pc. With its lightweight design, advanced features, and customizable RGB lighting, it is the perfect gaming mouse for gamers of all levels. Get ready to take your gaming to the next level!