Reebok Stability Gymballs

Reebok Stability Gymballs

Reebok Stability Gymballs

A home gym essential; Reebok Gymballs help target the core to strengthen and tone. Designed with a weighted base, the ball aids stability and prevents rolling whilst anti-burst material slowly deflates if punctured. Complete with a pump, Reebok Stability Gymballs get your workouts started.


  • 55 cm diameter – ideal for users between 155 – 167 cm
  • Anti-burst technology
  • Ideal for developing core, stability, and posture
  • Pump included
  • Weighted base prevents rolling

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the ideal user height for the 55 cm diameter gymball?

The 55 cm diameter gymball is ideal for users between 155 – 167 cm in height.

2. Is the gymball puncture-resistant?

Yes, the gymball is made with anti-burst material that slowly deflates if punctured, ensuring safety during workouts.

3. Can the gymball be used for exercises other than core strengthening?

Absolutely! The Reebok Stability Gymball is versatile and can be used for various exercises to target different muscle groups and improve overall stability and posture.


Reebok Stability Gymballs are a must-have for any home gym. With their weighted base and anti-burst technology, these gymballs provide stability and safety during workouts. Strengthen and tone your core, improve stability and posture with this versatile fitness equipment. Get your Reebok Stability Gymball today and start your journey to a stronger and healthier you.