Rexing GPS Logger for Rexing V1P M1 Pro and V1 Basic

Rexing GPS Logger for Rexing V1P, M1 Pro and V1 Basic

Rexing GPS Logger for Rexing V1P, M1 Pro and V1 Basic

Are you looking for a reliable and accurate GPS logger for your Rexing V1P, M1 Pro, or V1 Basic dash cam? Look no further! Introducing the Rexing GPS Logger, a must-have accessory for capturing your journey with precise location and speed information.


The Rexing GPS Logger is specifically designed to be used with Rexing V1P, M1 Pro, and V1 Basic dash cams. Please note that this product is not compatible with other Rexing dash cams, including Rexing V1-4K, V1 3rd Generation, V3 Basic, V2 Pro, V1P 3rd Generation, and V2 dash cams.

Map Your Journey

With the Rexing GPS Logger, you can now see your exact path taken during your travels. Our free GPS Logger software allows you to play back your recordings with highly detailed location and speed information. Relive your adventures and share them with friends and family.

Important Metrics

Recording your journey is not just about capturing beautiful scenery. It’s also about having important metrics that can prove to be highly useful in reporting a driving incident. The Rexing GPS Logger gives you the option to record your when, where, and how fast you were traveling. These metrics can provide valuable evidence in case of an accident or dispute.

Accurate Date and Time

Keeping track of the date and time is crucial when it comes to reviewing your dash cam footage. The Rexing GPS Logger automatically updates your dash cam’s time and date to your time zone, ensuring that your footage’s time stamp stays accurate. Say goodbye to manually adjusting the time on your dash cam!


Our GPS Video Player software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. You can easily download it from the official Rexing website ( This user-friendly software allows you to view your recorded videos, overlay GPS data, and customize various settings to enhance your viewing experience.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your Rexing V1P, M1 Pro, or V1 Basic dash cam with the Rexing GPS Logger. Capture your journey with precision and have the peace of mind knowing that you have accurate location and speed information at your fingertips.