VLRA BIKE – Foldable Bike Sports And Fitness Mountain Bike 26 Inch

VLRA BIKE – Foldable Bike Sports And Fitness Mountain Bike 26 Inch

VLRA BIKE – Foldable Bike Sports And Fitness Mountain Bike 26 Inch


Welcome to the world of VLRA BIKE, the ultimate foldable bike for sports and fitness enthusiasts. With its 26-inch wheels and stylish black/red design, this bike is not only a reliable mode of transportation but also a statement of your active lifestyle. Whether you’re exploring rugged terrains or cruising through the city streets, the VLRA BIKE is your perfect companion.


1. Foldable Design

The VLRA BIKE features a convenient foldable design, allowing you to easily store and transport it wherever you go. Whether you have limited storage space at home or need to take it on a road trip, this bike can be folded within seconds, making it incredibly versatile.

2. 26-Inch Wheels

Equipped with 26-inch wheels, the VLRA BIKE offers a smooth and comfortable ride on various terrains. Whether you’re tackling mountain trails or cruising along the beach, these wheels provide excellent stability and control.

3. Easy Assembly

The VLRA BIKE comes in an 80% assembled body package, making it easy for you to set it up. Simply attach the front wheel, pedals, seat, and handlebar, and you’ll be ready to hit the road. If you’re unsure about the assembly process, you can always bring it to a bike shop or VLRA BIKE shop for professional assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the VLRA BIKE suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! The VLRA BIKE is designed to cater to riders of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cyclist, this bike offers a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

Q: Can the VLRA BIKE handle rough terrains?

A: Yes, the VLRA BIKE is built to handle various terrains, including rough and uneven surfaces. Its sturdy construction and reliable components ensure a smooth and stable ride, even on challenging trails.

Q: How much does the VLRA BIKE weigh?

A: The VLRA BIKE weighs approximately 30 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to carry. Its foldable design adds to its portability, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go.

Q: Can I adjust the seat height?

A: Yes, the VLRA BIKE features an adjustable seat height, allowing you to find the most comfortable riding position. Whether you’re tall or short, you can easily customize the seat height to suit your needs.

Experience the freedom and versatility of the VLRA BIKE. With its foldable design, 26-inch wheels, and easy assembly process, this bike is perfect for sports and fitness enthusiasts. Get yours today and embark on your next adventure!