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TuneSick is a complete all-in-one platform for musical artists to promote their sound and grow their fanbase. Through TuneSick artists can sell their music online at the highest rates, promote their events, connect with other artists and fans and find out all the latest in the world of music.


Artists – Create a profile to become a member. Once you’re a member you can then start promoting yourself as a musician and start connecting with other artists and members alike. You can create events, share articles and much more once you’ve signed up.


Once you’re a Vendor you have access to your very own dashboard where you can view site analytics and monitor your sales, track your orders, create financial accounts, monitor your performance and a whole range of other actions. Our simple to use interface is compatible with all electronic devices, allowing you to monitor account on the go wherever you are.


If you would like to sell your music then once you’ve registered you can then become a Vendor and sell your great sounds online, simply select the option to Become A Vendor and we will guide you through the rest of the easy setup process.

''Bledi'' - C.E.O - I.T Graduate, music lover and entrepreneur.

Executives - Sakib & Ghazi - Directing and shaping the future of music for true artists.

Everybody here at TuneSick comes from a diverse background, we are all passionate about the arts and love what we do, create an account today and get started.

Worldwide Audience

Your fans are from all over the globe and so should you be. Reach an international audience and grow your fan base.


Original heartfelt music with no compromise, from artists who have free reign with their sounds.

Best Pay per stream

TuneSick pays the highest rate of commission per stream to its artists and we are still striving to improve.

Secure Payments

There is no chance of us ever not paying you or inflating figures to try and impress you. All you get is honest and reliable data