G Papa, from Greece, has been making hits after hits and has new music released on his label. With plenty of collaborations under his belt too, and covering music genres including RnB, Afrobeats and Trap music, you are sure to find something you enjoy listening too. More music being added everyday. Check out his page here.

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New music from UK Rap and Afrobeats artist Aka Chkz has landed, Pounds and Dollars is one of the latest two tracks just released and available to listen online on web or on mobile. Stream now.

Brick Casey and Company has just signed a new licensing agreement to help publish and promote a new range of emerging music that is slowly growing here in the States and the UK. Through is artist management vehichle, Brick wants to help promote a range of unsigned talent and his network of music professionals has helped him to slowly establish himself as the go-to-man. It is still very much in the early stages but more information is to come soon.

Brick Casey’s own style as an artist can be defined as a soulful mash of Hip Hop, Soul and smooth classic RnB, it’s original, classic music that stands out, hard hitting and unedited. His store can be accessed here.

The new release from SamSon on Flashing Lights Records is finally here, he made a collab with fellow Reggae artist Wez Iran, to produce a remix of the original ‘Free’ track. It brings a House / Tech House spin on Reggae music, you can stream online in web or on mobile now.

“Purveyor of deep, infectious dance grooves and a feel-good atmosphere.” That’s how Thoriso describes himself as a DJ.

South African House music producer ThoriniQ has just been added to the site. Listen now, you can view his store here.

Added just now – a soul and funk inspired track, another one from an ever growing collection from the American based outfit. Stream online now.

Soul and Pop singer Nubian Red has added another track and it’s a powerful vocal with an equally powerful message – ‘Freight Train’ is out, ready to listen to. Listen now.

Californian artist Bustdownlc has joined TuneSick with a Funky / Soulful groove to his Hip Hop and Rap music. Hoodbby is live now ready for you to stream online in web or on mobile. Search above and browse all other music available on the site.